Reflection: Tuesday of the Octave of Easter

Scripture: Acts 4:32-37 ~ Ps 93:1ab, 1cd-2, 5 ~ John 3:7b-15

Mary went out and announced to the disciples, “I have seen the Lord!”

 I saw a man in New York City, he had no pants, and no shoes… and I saw the Lord

 I saw another man, walking ten miles home in the rain… and I saw the Lord

 I saw a little girl leap into her father’s arms at the airport… and I saw the Lord

 I see students everyday in the caf, laughing, visiting, eating, studying… and I see the Lord

 I look at each of us gathered here today… and I see the Lord

 Mary encountered the gardener that morning, and she saw the Lord

 Our Risen Christ is everywhere, He is in every person we meet, and everywhere we go. Do we recognize Jesus when we encounter him in others? In ourselves? Do we remember that each time we interact with someone, it is an opportunity to be Christ for that person and to find Christ in that person?

 When we encounter Christ, and we do, everyday, do we have the courage to run to our friends and say “I have seen the Lord!” so that they too may encounter the peace of Christ?

 Wherever you go today, I invite you to see the Risen Christ and I invite you to be Him for others. For he has most assuredly risen, and now he goes before us to greet everyone we meet.

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