Reflection: Monday of the Third Week of Easter

Today’s Scripture: Acts 6: 8-15 ~ Psalm 119: 23-24, 26-27, 29-30 ~ John 6: 22-29

(this version has been heavily revised from the one I gave at mass today, I wish I had taken more time with it before mass – or that I could present it again)

I forgot to eat lunch today.  I got really engrossed in what I was doing at work. Flitting around, from one thing to the next. By mid-afternoon I was losing  steam. I couldn’t figure out why I had run out of energy. Then my stomach growled and I realized I had completely forgotten about lunch.  I thought to myself, if I’m going to make it through the day, I’d better sit down and eat something!

 When I was reflecting on today’s gospel I remembered my missed lunch and thought to myself, is spiritual hunger like physical hunger?  Is there only so far we can go before we have to stop, move away from the world, gather at Christ’s table and allow ourselves to be fed?

 As I reflected I realized that sometimes I forget about my spiritual food too. Running through the day and getting caught up in menial tasks. I sit in mass completely distracted by my other obligations and entirely disconnected from the celebration. Then I thought of the people in today’s gospel. They’ve have one taste of Christ and they can’t get enough. They want so much to be in the Christ’s presence that they climb into boats and sail across the sea to find him.

 I began to realize that often, I forget the significance of the Eucharist. I forget how blessed I am to be called to God’s table every day. I forget that if I really want to know God, and to do his work, if I want to have the strength to make it through my day, I have to accept his invitation to the table.

 I am challenged to remember that God loves us all so much, and wants so much for us to do his will on earth, that he allows us to take his presence physically into ourselves.

 It stuck me that this is what the Eucharist is about. I remembered that there are days when I cannot go to Mass, and even though I pray on those days, and make quiet time for God; I miss the Eucharist. I crave it. I get so hungry for this Spiritual food that I can’t wait until I’m able to receive it again.

 Spiritual hunger.

 I have come to realize, that I can only do so much, then I have to stop, move away from the world and gather with my brothers around the Lord’s table. In the Word, in our fellowship, and in the Eucharist I find the energy, love, wisdom, and Spirit that I need to keep me going. I am learning that In the Eucharist, we build community; we build Christ in one another.

 If we are called to be Christ for the world, we must stop and let Christ come into our lives… we must let Christ renew his spirit in us… we must love the Eucharist and allow ourselves to enter fully into its celebration. It is this Spiritual food that sustains us for the journey.  How blest we are to be able to come to God’s table every day. May we never forget how God satisfies our hunger and may we always be willing to seek God out wherever he is found.

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