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A magnificent pagoda, cascading waterfall, bright flowers, colorful koi fish… of course, I could only be describing my 20 here in Texas. A couple of weeks ago some of the Brothers and Aspirants decided to take an afternoon break from meetings to check out one of San Antonio’s hidden (kinda) treasures, the Japanese Tea Gardens at Brackenridge Park.

Some background: In 1915, Mrs. Emma Koehler, widow of Pearl Brewery owner Otto Koehler, donated an 11-acre tract of land between the quarry and San Antonio River. Through the inspiration and hard work of city parks commissioner, Ray Lambert, a unique Japanese garden was created here. In 1926, at the City’s invitation, Kimi Eizo Jingu, a local Japanese-American artist, moved to the garden and became its operator. Even after his passing, his family continued to operate the tea garden until 1942, when they were evicted because of anti-Japanese sentiment during World War II. It was then renamed the Chinese Sunken Garden. In 1984, the garden was rededicated as the Japanese Tea Garden. Interesting huh.

In addition to this garden adventure was a cool train ride and an amazing guinness ice cream cream cone… so good.

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