A Toast to our Bro. Dennis


The following is the toast given for Bro. Dennis Bautista, SM on the occasion of his profession of perpetual vows:

In the Hawaiian culture, it is customary to give honor and tribute to ancestors and those who have gone before us. We, in the Society of Mary, do the same at celebrations such as this one. The first Brothers to arrive in the United States (first to Cincinnati, OH and then to San Antonio) came from the Alsatian region of France and so they spoke German. Remembering our foundations and heritage, it has become tradition at our celebrations to offer a German toast for long life and happiness.

But first, a quick story…

A few years ago, those of us who are temporary professed were asked to read some articles on the vow of Marianist stability. We then had to comment on them via a blog. Of course Dennis was the first to post, probably not so much because of the articles, but because he got to use technology and I’m sure there was a video to go along with his posting. After all, anyone who can make a video about a new trash can in a community can make a video about the vow of stability.

This I do remember: he posted that he was learning to fall in love with the Society of Mary and learning to love in an unconditional way. Our novice director often spoke about having a Brother’s heart, and since Dennis’ first profession, his heart has grown and it is evident that he has fallen in love with our Society and Family.

And so I ask that you raise your glass in a toast to Dennis and his Brother’s heart. Dennis:

May you continue to fall more deeply in love with the Marianist life and Family each day.

May you be surrounded by sisters and brothers who will support you at all times.

May Mary always walk beside you in all that you do.

May God continue to shower you with abundant grace and mercy.

And in a celebration that has had many languages, here’s one more. Dennis: may you live well…ER LEBE HOCH!

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