Brothers celebrate at St. Mary’s dinner

Andrew, Lynette, Roberto, Bob and Norman

Marty Solma, provincial-designate, and Lynette Bernot, St. Mary’s faculty member, accompanied the brothers attending the St. Mary’s faculty appreciation dinner at Oak Hill Country Club hosted by the university’s Alumni Association on Friday evening, Jan. 22—Chaminade Day.

Roberto, Bob and Dan Thompson, chair of Theology

Roberto and Bob celebrate with Dan Thompson, chair of the Theology department and a 2010 recipient of the Distinguished Faculty Award. Roberto is a theology student graduating this May and Bob attends Dan’s graduate course on ecclesiology this semester.

Marty and Charlie Cotrell, university president

Marty, quickly identified by St. Mary’s staff as the provincial-designate and, therefore, chancellor-designate of the university, enjoyed a front-row seat of the presentation; he is shown above with Charlie Cotrell, university president.

More photos on our Flickr set and a live video uploaded on Twitter.

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