4-in-1 machine replaces broken printer, fax

The new Dell 1125 multifunction 4-in-1 printer

Without a functioning printer for over three weeks and a working fax machine for longer than some brothers care to remember, Casa María installed its new 4-in-1 Dell 1125 multifunction printer + scanner + copier + fax on Thurs., Feb. 11—the feast of Our Lady of Lourdes.

“How appropriate it is to welcome this addition on a feast of our Blessed Mother,” said Brother Dennis as he installed the machine in the office.

Thanks to a sweet deal arranged through the university’s IT department, this ‘machine-on-a-mission’ comes with a four year warranty, “enough to see through the transition of our provincial leadership, the graduation of an incoming freshmen class at our two schools, and, God-willing, four more classes of aspirants,” mused the head of the community’s office of temporalities.

The first page printed on the machine—a Windows Printer Test Page—arrived at 3:20 p.m., followed by the first fax at 3:33 p.m. from Joanne Sanchez, manager of operations at the Marianist Residence.

The new machine replaces the broken hp LaserJet 5M and some old fax machine which never really worked correctly since it was brought over from the Provincial Offices in St. Louis, Missouri, a few years ago.

Goodbye, broken printer and fax

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