Casa María gets new vacuum

Casa María welcomed a new addition to the community to replace an item that, quite literally, ‘poorly sucked.’ A new Dyson vacuum model DC33, purchased from Sears at Ingram Mall, officially took over vacuuming responsibilities from the 13-year old Powr-Flite model PF14 on Saturday morning, October 9.

After noticing that the vacuum began underperforming in its primary duties of cleaning community floors and carpets, the brothers discovered that the Powr-Flite exhibited a number of problems that warranted a complete replacement–after all, the vacuum is over a decade old.

Featuring washable filters, bagless dust bin, 15-foot hose, 5-year warranty and light-weight, easy-to-use, handling, the Dyson promises to offer faithful service to the community’s mission in the years to come.

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3 Comments on “Casa María gets new vacuum”

  1. Bro. Bob, SM Says:

    The new vacuum just goes to show that that Casa Maria is so connected to Marianist history. Wasn’t it the Brodeaux Sodality that took on the mission of ministering to the young chimney sweeps? The mission continues….

    • casamariasm Says:

      That’s true, Bob! We miss you and your insightful quotes! Know of our prayers and blessings!

  2. Andrew nSM Says:

    that’s a schnazzy vacuum cleaner! Make sure you don’t take it outside though – Nature abhors a vacuum.

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