Casa Tuesday celebrates Chinese new year

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A happy hare hopped on by to Casa Maria where more than 40 students, staff, Marianists and guests, some of whom wore the auspicious color of red, welcomed the Year of the Rabbit during an Asian Lunar New Year-inspired celebration.

This week’s menu included stir-fried rice, spring rolls, Mandarin oranges, Chinese almond cookies and fortune cookies. Bright red bookmarks with a blessing from Casa Maria were distributed with the opportunity for guests to stamp them with Chinese characters, such as “love,” “peace,” “truth,” “forgiveness” and “friend.” Happy new year—again!

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One Comment on “Casa Tuesday celebrates Chinese new year”

  1. Dennis Schmitz Says:

    Nice celebration. Since this holiday is celebrated all over Asia, a. More. Politically correct name would be Lunar New Year. Your homework for next year is to find the traditional Korean food for New Year!!!

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