Special Election 2012: Candidates vs. Cookies

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Casa María held a special election where guests could vote not on presidential candidates but on their cookie recipes. This fun food event was inspired by Family Circle magazine’s presidential bake-off. Since 1992, the publication has printed cookie recipes shared by the candidates’ spouses and then readers vote on their favorites. It is said that the winner of the cookie contest determines who also wins the election (except in 2008, when Cindy McCain’s cookies beat out those of Michelle Obama).

Back then, before this blog, Casa María’s guests also favored McCain’s cookies—but Obama went on to become president. Four years later, guests voted between a new cookie recipe from the First Lady (white/chocolate/mint chips with walnuts) and Ann Romney (M&Ms, chocolate chips, crunchy peanut butter and oatmeal).

Scroll down just past halfway to see those results from the November 12, 2008 edition of Family-Online.

The results? Romney = 17 votes; Obama = 11. Casa Maria’s tallies did not match the national results collected by Family Circle. And although Romney’s cookies won the votes on Casa Tuesday, President Obama won his second term in office on election night.

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