More Just(in) Desserts

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Aspirant Justin continues to hone his dessert decorating skills taught by a Marianist family member who provides thematic treats for Casa Tuesdays.

At the March 7 lesson, Justin’s younger sister, Stephanie, joined him to learn about stacking and frosting a cake and piping a shell border. They made a mandarin orange cake for the evening’s dessert and a rosette cake with white chocolate 3-D swans. Justin also made some chocolate cake pops for the community who is getting spoiled with his edible experiments throughout the week.

At the March 21 lesson, they made a decadent chocolate cake with chocolate-covered strawberries for the evening’s dessert and a blueberry glimmer-glazed cake for The Rattler student news staff’s press weekend. Justin also practiced frosting a cake using the petal technique. He finished the cake with a trinity of chocolate Marianist crosses.

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