Brothers cut down 10-foot tree for Christmas

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The annual tradition continues with a trip to Devine Acres Farm to purchase a Christmas tree, Saturday, Dec. 2. Having learned from previous years (2016, 2015, 2014, 2013, 2012, 2011), the brothers set out to purchase a 10-foot Leyland Cypress to fill the area where the tree is displayed in the community.

With four making the trip, the tree rode on top of the community van on the way back.

Weather conditions were sunny in the mid 70s so they prepared by bringing ice water to stay cool and hydrated. They also remembered to bring towels to place next to the tree so they can lie of them while cutting the tree down.

To get there from campus, head down Esmerelda Street and take left on Highway 90, which then becomes Highway 10 East. Then follow 35 South Laredo and take Devine/Jordantown Exit to Hwy 173 (WalMart is right at that corner). Then turn left on the fourth traffic light to Market Road 2200W. Destination is about a mile down this road on the right.

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